How To Get Started!

Get started with USI-TECH!

So you've made the decision to get started with USI-TECH!

And what a brilliant decision that is - I'm sure you won't regret it!

As I've said before, this business is so very powerful and yet, the formula is simple. It's really about making your money work for you! You don't have to know everything about the bitcoin industry and FOREX trading to be successful here, you just need to partner up with those that do!

And the people that are the best in bitcoin are USITECH! 

Getting your accounts set up really is the hardest part of this business (and in saying that, it's really not that difficult at all!) but then once you are all set up, there's nothing much to do but enjoy your daily earnings...and try not to get too excited!

Simple Steps To Get Started...

Step 1: Sign Up With USI-TECH!

First things first is to sign up for your FREE USI-TECH account. You can do that simply by clicking the image below!

USITECH Registration page


Step 2: Send Me a Friend Request On Facebook

To make contact, training and support so much easier, please send me a friend request on facebook once you have signed up. I can also then add you to our two main Facebook USI-TECH support groups so you can see more about what we are all doing with USI. It's also a great place to see for yourself just how many people are having amazing success with USI-TECH and really get a feel for how excited people in USI are!

Facebook friend request

Step 3: Get Yourself a Bitcoin Wallet

The next step is to get yourself a bitcoin wallet. An online bitcoin wallet is what you use to send and receive your bitcoin! Obviously this is very important! :)

There are a great many bitcoin wallets out there. Many can be used in any country (subject to a few limitations) whereas others can only be used in certain countries.

I have listed a few of the most popular wallets that USI-TECH members use below for you to choose from. Just click their banner to find out more and sign up for your account.

Coinbase can be used in the United States, the United Kingdom and selected European countries.

coinbase signup banner


If you are in Australia like I am, then my favorite bitcoin wallet is CoinJar.

 coinjar registration


Coins is another great option for those who are in Thailand or the Phillipines.


If none of these are suitable for you or your location then let me know where you are and I will find you an alternative! You can also visit for a list of additional options as well as heaps you can learn about bitcoin wallets.

It can take a little time to get your bitcoin wallet accounts set up and verified which can sometimes seem a hassle. Remember however, that this is a serious business with serious money to be made here! If it was just as simple as supplying an email address then financial safety is at risk!

Step 4: Setting Up Your USI-TECH Account

Connect with me on Facebook for PERSONAL assistance to get your account fully set up.


Step 5: Buying Your Bitcoin Packages (BTC Packs)

It's a pretty straight forward process but if you have any problems or questions, then simply connect with me on Facebook for PERSONAL assistance with purchasing your BTC packs.


Step 6: Sit Back And Watch Your Account Balance Grow!

Yes, that's right. Finally you can get your money doing all the hard work for you instead of the other way around! True Passive Income is right within your grasp!

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