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For many people, the things you have to do to be successful in USI-TECH comes very easy.

For many others however, it may seem a bit daunting!

Creating and then using a Bitcoin account and wallet is something the vast majority of the population have never done before! Suddenly you're sending money online over the internet with just a series of crazy numbers and wonder some people are quite scared by it...or at the very least a bit concerned that they are doing it properly! And actually... what the heck is this Bitcoin thing anyway!

That's why personal support is so important!

It doesn't matter how experienced or inexperienced you may be in this field, it helps so much if you have the personal support of people who have already gone ahead and successfully set up this business.

And for YOU... I am that person! :) 

Once you choose to join my team in USI-TECH, we're family!

There are a lot of phoneys and fake names in the world of online marketing. Cam Abel is my real name (well, actually, it's Cameron), it's my real facebook profile and I really am who I say I am! :) And that's important for when you go into business with someone!

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This business is so powerful and has the potential to really transform your life and yet the hardest part of doing it is getting your accounts setup and verified! After that, it is all smooth sailing!

I have already gone through all the stages you are just about to start on!

And I have successfully set up my whole USI-TECH business from scratch and believe me, I had pretty much no idea about it all when I first joined up!

I will help you with whatever you need to get set up and started. And if I don't know, then I have some outstanding leaders in our group that can help find the answer...quickly!

Facebook messaging is always the easiest and my favourite method of communicating as it crosses all time zones and countries and is so easily accessible.

You may need lots of help - or you may need hardly any... or even none!

Whatever the case, know that your success if my success and I'm here for you - that's what family is for!

Talk soon!

Cam Abel

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